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  is an active group of  Nepal found on the 11th of Dec 2011.This is a secret group on Facebook which  is actively working for social cause and helping a lot of people who are in trouble and problems. Up to this time there are more than 90,000 Nepalese youths from different profession via; Engineer, Doctor, Pilot, Lecturer.  You can get approved for this group only after research by admin to make sure if it is a fake id or not and you can only join this group by invitation of an active member of this group. So, why this group is highly rated and popular:-

MRR in Social work
Since there are more than 90 k member in this group and  have blood database of the member  to help to provide blood to the people who are in real need of specific blood group. They organize blood donation program and there are lots of examples of helping with this group. At the time of devastating earthquake member outside and inside Nepal collected funds and helped those people by providing clothes, food, tent, etc. and also raised voice against the blockade of India after the earthquake.They raise funds and help poor people those who can't afford  for their treatment. They have helped who could not raise money for transplanting kidney, heart disease, cancer and lot more. This proves that this group is always ready to help and are active in the social cause.
Blood donation organized by MRR
Protest Against blockade by India

MRR for entertainment

It's very fun being a member of this group. Funny posts, comments, Jokes and satire are the main thing which makes this group very entertaining. Lot of member just open Facebook to hang around in this group reading post, commenting and posting in it. 18+ jokes and satire with pictures posted by member are more creative and funny to read and watch.While festivals like Holi (Festival of color) they gather together, have fun between them and introduction personally.

Celebrating Holi

MRR  to solve problem
This day we see lot of pople using fake ID and  seen harassing using abusive language videos and pictures. A lot of people irritate and harass women by sending porn content, messages, pictures and for them members of MRR play a great role against them by reporting them and taking proper action by tracking them. As mentioned above, there are a lot of members with the different profession,such as armies, police, computer engineer and others who helps to find those and take proper action against them. If you have a problem in your study, health, family related you can share there and get a solution from the members and are always ready to help without hesitation.

Rules of MRR
There are certain rules in Mrr and violation of rules may cause the ban from this group. Posting offensives, pornography may lead to a ban from this group. Most important is posting Indian posts and using the Hindi language is extremely prohibited in this group. Using the Hindi language is an invitation for admin to ban from this group, as its very hard to get approval in this group.

Moto Of MRR
The slogan of MRR is "Brother from different mother" that means everybody in this group are ready to help each other and work together as a part of family members.The main purpose of this group is to show how working together can make a change in the society or a nation. They already had set examples by doing lots of work and are admired by media of Nepal. Mostly the love towards nation and promoting Nepali culture, places, dress, people, movies, etc.. makes this popular group. Men's or youth power working together, helping each other and working for the nation is the main theme of this group.

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